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Skin Substitutes

Our groundbreaking skin substitutes program ensures maximizing your profitability, decreasing admin work, and almost eliminates any financial risk.


Fluid Flow is an amniotic liquid allograft derived from the amniotic liquid within the placenta to advance soft tissue repair, replacement, and reconstruction.

Surgical Equipment

Patient insurance information, product pricing, and reimbursement rates based on your fee schedule allow us to calculate your profitability and patient responsibility for each product on a comparison page.

Medical Billing Services

Get medical reimbursements faster with fewer rejections thanks to our outsourced medical billing services. Improve your revenue cycle with cutting-edge solutions.

Recruiting Services

We look at your specific needs instead of passing off generic resumes. Our time-test, proven assessment allows us to find the perfect candidate for your practice.

EMR Software

Our EMR/EHR software is an easy to implement, comprehensive solution that fulfills a wide variety of needs.

Contracting & Credentialing Services

Our provider enrollment experts get your contracts submitted how payers want them. Meaning fewer rejections, less back-and-forth, and getting you in-network weeks or months faster than average

HIPAA Compliance and Risk Management Services

To be HIPAA compliant should not be difficult, complicated, and or expensive. Today, let us help you be HIPAA Compliant, hassle-free, and avoid thousands and thousands of fines.

Medical Coding Services

Specialized for your practice; Our certified medical coders have undergone AAPC coding training. They are well updated with the latest CPT /HCPCS and ICD-9 codes, use the newest coding books, and access online medical coding software.

Collection Services

We’ve made sure to obtain the highest security controls and certifications to protect the client and patient data. Operating at a higher level of data security maturity and subjecting itself to the most disciplined security assessments and proven standards, our clients rest assured knowing their data – and their patients’ data – is in safe hands.

Medical Billing Software

Get the best and most thoughtful treatment possible while in your office and under your care

Statement Processing

It is critically important that your patients get the best and most thoughtful treatment possible while in your office and under your care. Likewise, it is critically important to your practice's success that your patients are billed quickly, accurately, and clearly. We can do this for you!

Virtual Registered Nurses

We can provide medical professionals/providers like yourself with Virtual Registered Nurses. To help you improve your workflow, have more time with your patients, and make more money by removing the burden of in-room EMR documentation and other back-office tasks.

Medical Practice Brokerage

Selling or buying a medical practice is a complex task with numerous financial, legal, tax, and career ramifications. You need and deserve professional help.

Accounting Services

Optimize revenue and ensure compliance by bridging high-end technology and personnel working together efficiently and cost-effectively.