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Is it time to get a new provider in your practice?

Why outsource Hiring Medical Doctors / Healthcare Providers

With outsourcing growth expected in the years to come, you may want to learn more about it now and take it into consideration not only to gain a competitive edge, nor  try to reduce the overhead cost of your company but to generate more revenue.


Medical recruiting services

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Our vast experience has allowed us to understand what to look for in a medical recruiting candidate. We believe in quality – not quantity. Over 75% of our clients hire a candidate within the first 4 resumes presented saving the practice time and allowing the practice to focus on what they’re best at – providing quality care to the patients they treat.

Specialized recruiting services

Where other staffing agencies just pass off their generic resumes, we take a look at your specific needs. Our tested, comprehrensive assessment allows us to find the perfect candidiate for your practice, so you can spend less time interviewing and more time focusing on growing your business.

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