Virtual Registered Nurses

We can provide medical professionals/providers like yourself with Virtual Registered Nurses and Virtual Healthcare Associates. To help you improve your workflow, have more time with your patients, and make more money by removing the burden of in-room EMR documentation and other back-office tasks. 

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Virtual Medical Scribe

Connect through a secure and encrypted video conferencing software on your tablet/computer, and you may take your virtual registered nurse “VRN” along into the patient exam room. Your Virtual Associate will type and chart the patient in real-time, directly into your specific EMR.

Virtual Administrative Support

Our VRN/Virtual Registered Nurses can help with your administrative, back-office tasks. We have clients that use their virtual medical associate to assist them with referrals, authorizations, prescription refills, medical records management, insurance verifications, eligibility, and much more.

Virtual Medical Scheduler

Our Virtual Healthcare Team will be connected to your current phone system and can make/receive calls just like they are sitting in your office. They can schedule patients, confirm appointments, call insurance companies, and more!

Custom Office Needs

If you have a particular need that we haven’t mentioned above, let us know, and our consultants can assist you in identifying the right path forward for your medical practice!

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