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Skin substitutes are natural, synthetic, or biosynthetic materials used to cover large wounds to restore at least some of the damaged skin functions. Skin substitutes provide a  temporary or permanent wound closure and protect the wound from infection, further damage, water loss, and reduces pain. They facilitate the growth of the normal skin over the wound.

Provider based billing practices won’t be a part of your audits

If you practice in both a hospital and clinical setting, you’re probably familiar with billing complications related to provider-based billing. We’ll make sure your procedures are billed properly according to the place of service, ensuring that you get paid quickly and don’t have to waste needless time on audits. Our service is intended to cover you no matter where and how you practice.

Your claims will be properly billed no matter how big the variety

Because you see patients from all backgrounds suffering from all manner of conditions, you need a billing team that can keep up. Many billing teams are trained to handle one type of procedure for one organ system according to the practitioner they serve, but we know your practice needs a team that can handle variety. We’ll make sure to properly bill all of your services, even when you have an out of the ordinary procedure to deal with.

Don’t worry about surprising bundled procedures

Whether you’re dealing with a lumbar puncture, paracentesis or central venous catheter placement, make sure you get paid fully for all of the procedures you perform. internists often have to deal with surprising or uncommon procedures and diagnoses, and we’ll make sure to understand how these procedure codes bundle with tests and other procedures so that all of your claims are billed according to proper protocol, so you can focus on your patients and service.

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