EMR Software

Our EMR/EHR (Electronic Medical Record/Electronic Health Record) is an easy to implement, comprehensive software solution that fulfills a wide variety of needs. Our software is unique for a few reasons: it’s comprehensive, easy to use, and easy to implement. Electronic medical records can be a needless source of frustration for your practice, and our software’s comprehensive features and staged implementation process ensure your ability to seamlessly integrate our EMR solution into your practice.


Every practice is different. Our software has you covered, no matter what.

Input data however works best for you

Managing electronic medical records can be a source of nonstop headaches. From cumbersome interfaces to unintuitive file organization to a lack of flexibility, some EMR software options leave a lot to be desired. We’ve specifically designed our system to maximize usability and flexibility, so that you can configure our software in a way that works towards your unique needs.

Integrate documentation seamlessly into your practice

Our software’s emphasis on flexible input options means that you can choose to manage your data in the way that is proven to work for you – not the way that someone else has decided is best. The medical environment is ever-changing and requires flexibility, and that is what our software emphasizes above all else. With this at the forefront of our design, our goal is to let the software meld into the background, so you can focus on the data itself to maximize accuracy.

Design it your way

Over 250 template options

Speak or write

Dictation & handwritten text options

Find the files you need faster

Streamlined document management

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